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Communication Systems worldwide have provided a rapidly growing and useful range of services and are
continuing to evolve using a multitude of Signal Processing techniques. The 3rd International Conference on
Signal Processing and Communication Systems, ICSPCS’2009, follows the very successful
ICSPCS'2007 and
ICSPCS'2008 events . A major objective of the Conference will be to pursue the progression from communication
and information theory through to the implementation, evaluation and performance improvement of practical
communication systems using Signal Processing technology. Because the Conference incorporates the 11th
International Symposium on DSP and Communication Systems, DSPCS’2009, and  the 8th Workshop on the
Internet, Telecommunications and Signal Processing, WITSP'2009,  it is also planned to be a forum for presenting
research into topics ranging from those of the physical layer to the application layer through all aspects of the
protocols and processes required for the future Internet to operate better and the applications to utilize the full
potential offered by the current and the emerging networking infrastructure. In addition, we expect that, as during
the previous events, there will be several papers dealing with image, video and audio processing for multimedia,
medical and forensic applications, as well as with the security of private and corporate data.

Papers included in the conference program will be published in IEEE Xplore, IEEE Catalog Number:
* Traffic modelling
* Protocols
* Embedded Internet devices
* New and enhanced services
* Resource and information management
* Adaptive QoS provisioning
* End-to-end QoS
* Emerging technologies
Fixed Networks
* Optical networks and switching
* Network architectures and equipment
* Programmable networks
* Test-beds and trials
* New and enhanced services
* Network gaming
* Pear-to-pear networking
Wireless Networks
* Mobile ad hoc networking
* Personal area networking
* Cognitive radio and spectrum sensing
* Broadband Wireless Access
* Cross Layer Design
* Mesh Networks
* Cooperative and Intermittent Networks
* Sensor Networks
* Nano-networks
* Test-beds and new applications
Communication theory and techniques
* Channel measurements and modeling
* Coding and modulation techniques
* MIMO - theory and trials
* Spread Spectrum and CDMA systems
* OFDM technology
* Space-time coding
* Diversity techniques
* Ultra Wide-Band Communications
* Antennas and propagation
Information Security
* Security primitives and algorithms
* Security of wireless and distribution networks
* Programmable networks security
* Security of sensor networks
* Authentication and authorization
* Encryption
* Data integrity
Multimedia signal processing
* Streamed multimedia applications
* Algorithms and implementations
* Image and video processing
* Error concealment techniques
* Management of multimedia services
* Test-beds and trials
* Multimedia games
DSP algorithms and hardware implementations
* DSP implementation in hardware
* DSP algorithms
* Smart antennas and tracking algorithms
* Signal separation
* Signal identification
6th International Conference on Signal Processing and
Communication Systems
12 - 14 December 2012, Gold Coast, Australia
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31st July 2012

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