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Keynote Address (Tuesday 9:00-9:30 a.m.) P. Doulai: "Multimedia Content Delivery over Internet Using Real-Time Streaming Technology" Image and audio processing (Tuesday 9:30-10:30 a.m.)
  L. Lin, E. Ambikairajah, and W.H. Holmes: "Perceptual Domain Based Speech and Audio Coder"

J. Lukasiak, and I. Burnett: "Low Delay Scalable Decomposition of Speech Waveforms"

M. Cowling, and R. Sitte: "Analysis of speech Recognition Techniques for use in a Non-Speech Sound Recognition System"

Wireless Communications (Tuesday 11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.)
  K.H. Chang, Y.H. Kim, D.H. Kim, K.Y. Sohn, C.W. Yu, Y.S. Song, H.S. Park, C.I. Yeh, and M.C. Song "3GPP Compliant User Equipment (UE) Modem"

P. Iamsa-ard, and P. Rapajic: "Avoidance of Oversampling for Adaptive Linear MMSE Receivers in CDMA Systems"

A.D.S. Jayalath, and C. Tellambura: "Peak-to-Average Power ratio of IEEE 802.11a PHY layer Signals"

C.D. Lee, and M. Darnell: "A Proposed Hang-up Free and Self-Noise Reduction Method for Digital Symbol Synchronizer in MFSK System"

Modelling and Estimation (Tuesday 1:30-3:00 p.m.)
  V. Lipovac: "Simulating Signal Propagation Effects of the Mobile Radio"

D. Gibson, and M. Darnell: "A Channel Sounder For Low Frequency Sub-Surface Radio Paths"

H. Cui, and P.B. Rapajic: "Complexity Comparison of Iterative Channel Estimation, Equalization and Decoding for GSM Receivers"

S. Ci, H. Sharif, and A. Young: "Modelling and Prediction of Wireless Channel Quality"

P. Vial, and P. Doulai: "The Use of Computer Simulation to Illustrate Dynamic Routing Algorithms in Undergraduate Education"

Information Theory (Tuesday 3:30-5:00 p.m.)
  C.L.H. Lee: "New Rate-1/2 Transparent Convolutional Codes over Ring Z8 for 8-PSK Signals"

J. Lassing, T. Ottosson, and E. Strom: "Packet error rates of terminated and tailbiting convolutional codes"

J. Zheng, T. Kaida, and K. Imamura: "Is Matsumoto's Generalization of the Feng-Rao Designed Minimum Distance for Binary Linear Codes Effective?"

N. Abdulaziz, A. Glass, and K.K. Pang: "Embedding Data in Images Using Turbo Coding"

P. Farkas: "Five New Optimal [34,15,9] Codes"

Wireless Communications (Wednesday 9:00-10:30 a.m.)
  M.S. Raju, and A. Chockalingam: "Decision Feedback Equalizer Based Multiuser Detection in DS-CDMA Systems"

J. Seberry, B.J. Wysocki and T.A. Wysocki: "Golay Sequences for DS CDMA Applications"

J. Choi: "An Approximate Matrix Inversion for Multiuser Projection Based Detector in CDMA Systems"

K.R. Panta, and J. Armstrong: "The Performance of Overlap PCC-OFDM with Error-Correcting Codes"

K.R. Panta, and J. Armstrong: "Use of Peak-to-Average Power Reduction Technique in HIPERLAN2 and its Performance in Fading Channel"

Image and Audio Processing (Wednesday 11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.)
  H. Danyali, and A. Mertins: "A 3-D Virtual SPIHT for Scalable Very Low Bit-Rate Embedded Video compression"

M. Raad, A. Mertins, and I. Burnett: "Audio Compression Using The MLT and SPIHT"

V. Van Raad, and A. Bradley: "Active Contour Model based Segmentation of Colposcopy Images from Cervix Uteri using Gaussian Pyramids"

D.S. Pham, M.C. Orr, B. Lithgow, and R. Mahony "A Practical Approach to Real-Time Application of Speaker Recognition Using Wavelets and Linear Algebra"

I. Burnett, and C.H. Ritz: "Wideband Speech Coding at 4 kbps using Waveform Interpolation"

DSP Algorithms and Implementation Issues

(Wednesday 1:30-5:00 p.m.)

A. Glass, B. Ali, and N. Abdulaziz: "H-Ternary Line Decoder for Digital Data Transmission: Circuit Design and Modelling"

Q. Cheng, and H. Zhang: "Window Length Effect on Blind Symbol Estimation"

E. Doukhnitch : "Octonion CORDIC Algorithms for DSP"

J. Egle, and J. Lindner: "Iterative Joint Equalization and Decoding based on Soft Cholesky Equalization for M-ary Complex Valued Modulation Symbols"

K.N. Nechval, N.A. Nechval, and E.K. Vasermanis: "Change Point Detection in a Sequence of Recognized Images"

B. Jiao, S. Nordholm, and Z. Zang: "A New Approach to The Design of Three Dimensional Carrierless AM/PM System"

K.N. Nechval, N.A. Nechval, and E.K. Vasermanis: "Change Recognition in a Model Structure of Noisy Autoregressive Process"

K. Wacker, W.W. Ng, P.B. Darwood, P.D. Alexander, and I. Oppermann: "Fixed Point DSP Implementation of Iterative Multi-User Detection with Channel estimation for UMTS"

Information Theory (Thursday 9:00-10:30 a.m.)
  L. Fagoonee, B. Honary, and C. Williams: "PUM-based Turbo Codes"

J.D. Holland, and H.-J. Zepernik: "Application of MAP Decoding to JPEG Image Transmission Over Wireless Channels"

K. Jagath-Kumara: "Theoretical Performance of a BCH Hybrid-ARQ Protocol Operating in a Non-Perfect Reverse Channel"

R. Safavi-Naini, and Y. Wang: "A New Construction for Sequential Traitor Tracing Scheme"

Wireless Communications (Thursday 11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.)
  J. Lopatka: "Modular Software Receiver for Radio Signal Analysis"

A.D.S. Jayalath, and C. Tellambura: "Interleaved PC-OFDM to reduce the peak-to-average power ratio"

K. Sathananthan, and C. Tellambura: "Reducing Intercarrier Interference in OFDM Systems by Partial Transmit Sequence and Selected Mapping"

K. Sathananthan, and C. Tellambura: "Novel Adaptive Modulation Scheme to Reduce both PAR and ICI of an OFDM Signal"

M. Abolhasan, T.A. Wysocki, and E. Dutkiewicz: "A Scalability Study of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Routing Protocols"

S. Du, and W. Badawy : "Two Dimensional Hierarchical Mesh Based Video Compression Techniques"

K.S. Yap, and J.V. McCanny: "Improved Time-Domain Equalizer Initialization Algorithm for ADSL Modems"